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Miracle Cream

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Miracle Cream Launch

Honey Oatmeal

For All Skin Types

Our "Honey Oatmeal soap features a unique three-layer design, with the outer layers made from organic goats milk glycerin, offering deep hydration and gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated. The center layer is crafted with creamy organic goats milk, providing additional nourishment and a soothing sensation.

Enhancing this sumptuous soap is the addition of locally sourced organic honey, which is known for its natural humectant and antibacterial properties, helping to moisturize, soften, and protect your skin. This high-quality honey is obtained from trusted beekeepers who prioritize sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring the finest ingredients for your skin.


Miracle Balm

Miracle balm is 100% natural

Our Miracle Balm features a lavish base of organic unrefined African shea butter, renowned for its deeply moisturizing and healing properties. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, shea butter provides intense hydration, promotes skin elasticity, and aids in reducing inflammation, making it perfect for soothing and nourishing dry or sensitive skin.

Our balm is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making it the perfect choice for those with dry, itchy, or irritated skin. It can be used on the face, body, and even on the scalp to soothe a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. 


Rosemary Mint

For All Skin Types

Our Rosemary Mint soap features a rich base of organic goats milk, offering deep hydration and gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated. This creamy foundation is elevated by the delightful scent and skin-enhancing properties of organic rosemary and peppermint essential oils, which impart a fresh, uplifting fragrance that revitalizes your senses and promotes mental clarity.

Garnished with a rosemary leave to add a subtle, earthy fragrance that harmonizes beautifully with the sweet, refreshing aroma of peppermint.


Volcanic Sulphur Cream

Pure volcanic sulphur from the Dominica. Extracted from the hot sulphur springs. Discover the benefits of volcanic sulfur and unrefined African shea butter for your skin. Our natural cream combines the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and moisturizing properties of these two ingredients to reduce breakouts, soothe irritation, and promote healthier, hydrated skin. Try it today for a clearer, more radiant complexion!


These products are AMAZING!
And the owner, Charity is even more amazing! It's evident how much she cares for her customers. Thank you for using such high quality ingredients in your products.

Jeanne F

I’ve been using the miracle balm and lemon poppyseed soap for an eczema outbreak and it has worked better than the cream prescribed by the dermatologist! I’m so grateful to find these products. They are awesome and smell nice as well. Thank you!


The miracle cream- is so moisturizing, hydrating and it even made my dark circles underneath my eyes lighten up. I have tried a lot of eye creams and nothing has worked until I tried this product. I was just looking for a great moisturizer but I found that and more!!